Relationship Counseling in Temecula and San Diego Areas 

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If you are in a committed relationship or marriage and are looking for ways to help your partnership transform into a more joyful relationship, consider joining Aaron Barry. NLP is heavily influenced through the works of Virginia Satir, the “Mother of Family Therapy”.  Richard Bandler, co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), took her class as a young man and helped develop the field Neuro Linguistic Programming, which enabled others to learn how to help people the way Virginia Satir did.  NLP-inspired marriage and couples counseling helps couples and families to resolve conflicts, as well as to foster the creation of new and joyful relationships.

Through NLP techniques, Aaron Barry, NLP Master Trainer and professional counselor, will transform a couples’ communication and assist in positive, lasting, change.
Much of our daily communications are through body language, gestures, and non-verbal cues.  NLP brings awareness to what we are subconsciously communicating to those around us.  Many of the current counseling techniques are not very effective.  Using NLP in your marriage counseling will teach you how to communicate with your partner in a positive and effective way.

NLP Marriage and Relationship Couples Retreat  

If you are having marriage problems and are looking for ways to help your marriage transform into a joyful relationship, consider joining Aaron Barry, NLP Master Trainer, for a 3-day marriage and couples retreat.  Relationship problems are the cause for many people’s stress and overall unhappiness.  Our marriage and couples workshops at our retreat will help give your relationship a new start.  This will be the best investment you could make to create a more joyful life.  You will be able to apply the NLP techniques learned to all relationships in your life. 
“Aaron is extremely knowledgeable and really helps you with life skills. He has helped me see certain situations from a new perspective, which has improved many areas of my life. I am so grateful to have met Aaron! He is very professional and wise. I highly recommend his services.” 
— S. Rowe
For marital counseling call Aaron Barry at 951-210-0762 to learn more about how Neuro Linguistic Programming will help your relationship gain new life.  If you are a counselor and would like to utilize NLP techniques in your counseling practice, read more about Aaron’s NLP Practitioner Training. Aaron provides training in Temecula, San Bernardino, San Diego, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Los Angeles, Long Beach, California and around the globe.  Contact us today!